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City and state codes allow vehicles to be parked on the street. Any vehicle left parked in the same spot on the street for more than 72 hours is in violation per Sunnyvale Municipal Code 10.16.120.

Once we receive a report about a possible nuisance or abandoned vehicle, a Vehicle Abatement Officer (VAO) is assigned to the case. It can take 3-5 business days for the VAO to locate and identify the vehicle. The VAO will assess the vehicle, and if suspected of violating the municipal code, it will be marked and/or receive an orange warning notice. The VAO will recheck the vehicle after 72 hours – if it has not moved or been driven, enforcement action will be taken. Please be patient – this process is necessary and can take some time. Please be aware, VAOs do not respond on weekends or evenings.

IF YOU ARE REPORTING A POSSIBLE SAFETY HAZARD, such as a vehicle blocking a driveway or fire lane, please call the non-emergency Police Dispatch line at 408-730-7180.

You may report abandoned or nuisance vehicles to the 24-hour Abandoned Vehicle Hotline at 408-730-7706.

If you have already reported a vehicle via the hotline, or submitted a report through this system, please do not submit a subsequent report. You can email us at to check the status of your previous report.

If you are reporting more than one vehicle, you can enter the data in the fields below by using a comma to separate the values. For example, in MAKE you would enter “Honda, Ford, Acura”.

We encourage you to create a User Account or provide an email or phone number where we can contact you if a staff member has follow up questions or information. ALL INFORMATION IS CONFIDENTIAL AND WILL NOT BE SHARED.

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